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Stav B

Telephone + 44 (0) 7766 036227

MA Photography. London College of Communication 2001-2003                                     
Intermediate Course in Photography. Morley College 2000-2001                                    
BA (Hons) Fine Art/ Ceramics. Camberwell College of Arts 1993-1996                           
Foundation in Art & Design. London Guildhall University 1991-1992                     
Portfolio Preparation Course in Painting & Drawing. Mary Ward Centre 1990-1991  
Pre – Foundation Course in Drawing and Painting. Maria Ioannidis Private Institute of Art. Athens.1986-1987

Me and you and no one else. Video and Live Performance. At home with the ludskis. London 2012
Completing. Video Performance. Whirstable. Kent January 2011
I’m with you. London December 2010
The platform. London April 2009
Queer Beograd. Belgrade/ Linz/ Berlin/ Athens September 2008 – present
Red dawns festival Ljubljana October 2007
Subterfuge. Manchester September 2006
Queen Bees. London September 2006 - present
Hayward Gallery. Undercover Surrealism. July 2006
Behind Bars. London May 2006  - October 2008
Kaos. London October 2004  - March 2006
Act Art April. London 2004 - November 2009
Performances November 2002 – present
Photographs. 2001 – 2004
xposures. A Bi – Weekly Short Film/ Visuals/ Music Event. London 2001 – 2002
The Museum of Installation. Mirror. London November 1997

Curating (photography and illustration/ group show in Camberwell College))
Photoshoots (Toni and Guy/ 2005)
Big Arts Week (photography and film with Woolwich Primary School)
Marco Mancassola (portrait for his book Last Love Parade/ 2005)
Wedding. 2003
Etchings (Chalk Farm Gallery/ 1997 – 2000)
The History of the World (film by Michael  Petry/ USA 1997)

professional: Photography, Writing, Conceiving and executing my own performances, Styling, Art theory and critique, Curating, Promoting art/ club events. practical: Computer (word, excel, html), Languages

Hobbies and interests
Art, Books, Films, Music/ DJ, Knitting, Sports, Travelling and Learning

Anne Williams. Course Director MA Photography. London College of Communication
Michael Petry. Artist/ Gallerist/ Curator. MOCA Gallery. London

I have been performing since November 2003 in various spaces and places: galleries (Hayward/ Red Gate Gallery/ The Museum of Installation/ Four Corners/ Inside Space/ Pierre Garroudi), churches (the crypt/subterfuge. Manchester), canals (public life), clubs and art collectives, pubs, bars, squats/ parties/ collectives,  social centres (Rampart/ Brady), private homes (art house party/ park road pilot), alternative fashion boutiques (two see), private members clubs (a Gentleman’s’ club), cinemas (Rio) and the outdoors (seaside in whitstable). London and Abroad

My work is dealing with the ongoing themes of identity and love. My desire was to become a painter. But within the first term of my first degree year, I was moved to the sculpture department, as my work had become three – d. At the end of my degree and because I had fallen in love with sculpture; austere, voluminous, precise, clean pieces, the MA was afoot. But after a couple of disappointing courses, I opted out of instinct towards photography, where the austerity became fluid and personal, based and inspired by surrealism and feminist theories. As I was always writing, either diary entries or notebook scribbles and ideas, combining image and writing were a natural continuum and the live expressions, based on my real life and delivered with a metaphorical abstraction were born.
These visual spectacles contain elements of circus, acrobatic movements, dance routines, quirky sounds, fashion statements, blended with the prose and heard loudly or quietly and intoned appropriately with disturbing lighting and odd props which are incorporated in the work. They contain sculpture, installation, video, sound, poetry, and music. They are rounded fine art pieces, with visual art sensibilities and theoretical considerations. These pieces are funny, tragic, sexy, and cathartic. My own personal journeys. A juxtaposition of the real and surreal. An authentication of the woman and the artist. Via prose, costume and mask.
An ongoing game of assumption, theory, practice, belief and innocent perversity! I have always hidden my face, behind the lens; behind the visual prop. Now, I hide my face with a face, facing the spectator, my mirror, myself; my own prop.

© Stav B September 2011

Me and you and no one else/ May 2012
Completing/ January 2011
Push it; raise it: harder, higher/ October 2010
Take it further/ July 2011
The devil is in the detail/ November 2009
Soldier/ September 2009 *
Pink Ribbon/ October 2008
Walking under ladders/ March 2008
Give me something/ February 2008
Sugar Mary/ July 2007
Let’s be… not/ June 2007
Time and grace/ February 2007
I let love in/ February 2007
Realising the marvellous in the mundane/ June 2006
Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking cunt/ April 2006
Biting cheek/ January 2006
Once upon a time there was…/ June 2005
Dance/ April 2004

Conceived, written, performed, styling by stav B
Except soldier written by jet moon, re written by stav B
Sound design by Doug Haywood
Film/ edit by Sarah Baker
Film stills by Sophie Allen

All rights reserved
© stav B

photos by sophie allen (completing performance. whitstable. kent. january 2011)

Friday, 1 July 2011

my CV updated

stav Bee

london. uk


Equipped with excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills backed with experience and work well alone and as part of a team. Highly experienced in cocktail making/ mixing/ devising and the superb maintaining of the bar, managing and training staff. Bright, enthusiastic, energetic and dynamic, constantly enjoying new challenges.



Founder/ Owner THE PLACE

Voodooray’s London. May 2011 -

A permanent bar, incorporating tailor made cocktails, selected beer and ethical wine, events and catering for private parties.

·       Bar maintenance and smooth running

·       Staffing and Training

·       Rotas

·       Cocktail menus

·       Cash handling

·       Door and security staff

·       Stock take and ordering.

·       Event booking/ organising


Founder/ Owner stav B’s liquor bar

Various venues London September 2010  -

A pop up prohibition/ speakeasy style cocktail bar, catering for private and corporate events, fundraisers and queer happenings.
·       Event creating/ organizing
·       Budgets and sponsorships
·       Staffing, security
·       Cash handling
·       Stock take, ordering
·       Classic and devised cocktails with a twist/ infused spirits.

Bar Supervisor The Baby Bathhouse
London September 2011 – May 2011

Bar and Events Manager Off Broadway
London April 2009 - July 2011 

Manager, Barista, Cook, Maintenance duties
Rosie’s Deli Café London August 2007  - April 2009

Day and Bar manager Hive Bar & Restaurant
London September 2006 – August 2007

Bar Manager Bar Story London July 2005 – September 2006

Senior Bartender Clerkenwell House
London May 2004  - June 2005

Bar Manager The Well London December 2002 – April 2004 

Assistant Manager Bar Room Bar
London November 2001 - December 2002 

Manager I.C.A Bar and Restaurant
London October 1999  - November 2001

Manager Angel Café /Bar London September1997 - September1999 


MA Photography. London College of Communication. London 2001 - 2003
I am a practicing visual and performance artist


Staff (delegation, supervision, rotas, training) 
Purchasing/ Finance (collating invoices, delivery notes, cashing up, opening/ closing, payroll, banking, waste book, stock ordering, stock take)
Product knowledge and upselling
Computer (word, excel, mac and windows)
Mentoring/ Business and Event Planning 
Cocktails (devising, updating, mixing, training)
Personal Licensee (2002) 
Bibendum Wine Course Certificate (2001)
Food and Hygiene/ Cleaning (2000 - 2001) 
Cellar and House management 


Art, Books, Films, Music, Cycling, Travelling, Languages